UK is freezing – how cold is cold?

Temperatures in the UK have plummeted in the last few days causing major disruption to the transport network and ruining the traditional Christmas gateway weekend.

The met office takes regular readings throughout the day. The visualisation below is based on readings at 9am on the 20th of December.

The UK temperature ranged from 3.6 deg Celsius in St Marys Airport (Scilly) to -18.7 in Pershore (Worcestershire). The national average was a freezing -8.7 deg. Northern Ireland (Castlederg) came in second at -18 deg. Surprising Lerwick (northern tip) was only -1.1 deg.

We have used Tableau in our analysis. To get the most of this insight click on the visualisation below to bring the data to life. Click on countries, multiple values and/or basically anything you find interesting and watch how the visualisations update automatically.