British Oscar Winners

This week, The King’s Speech cemented British cinema with four wins at the Oscars, including best picture, actor, and director. British films have triumphed at the awards in previous years and are making a come back.

Thanks to the British Film Institute and the Guardian Blog post, we’ve got all the data. In their words, it includes: Individuals who were either born, and lived and worked, in Britain into their adult lives, or those who were not born here but took on citizenship.

We have used Tableau in our analysis. To get the most of this insight click on the visualisation below to bring the data to life. Click on years, multiple values and/or basically anything you find interesting and watch how the visualisations update automatically.

Since the 1927, Britain has won a total of 298 Oscar awards, or an average of 3.59 awards per year. Not bad. Furthermore, there is a 20% probability for a British actor to win the Best Actor category and 12% for Best picture.

1994 was the best year, with 11 Oscars attributed to British winners. There has been a steady decline in awards with a very strong come back since 2007.

Top of the list of actors are Daniel Day-Lewis (2 Oscars) for best actor. Glenda Jackson, Olivia de Havilland, and Vivien Leigh top the Best Actress awards with two Oscars each.