Where do People live in Europe?

In this visualisation, we examine using Tableau Software where people live in Europe.

We have focused on six European countries and analysed how many of their citizens live in the other countries. For example in the UK there are 123,000 French inhabitants whereas in France there are 150,000 UK citizens living in the country.

Poles by far has the most nationals living abroad (1.5 mil) residing in the UK (36%) followed by Germany (28%).

Spain is still the most popular destination for Brits as 390,880 inhabit the country whereas the Spanish it seems prefer to settle in France. With over 550,000 Italian people, Germany seems a popular choice for their European friends. For the French, the UK is a popular choice for emigration followed very closely by Spain.

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Credit ratings: how Fitch, Moody’s and S&P rate each country

Last week, Standard and Poor’s has downgraded nine countries in the eurozone. See how different credit rating agency compare countries.

We have analysed the data using Tableau Software. Please click on the viz to interact and drill through.

France has been stripped of its coveted AAA credit rating in a mass downgrade of nine eurozone countries by Standard & Poor’s. It also cut Austria’s triple-A rating, and relegated Portugal and Cyprus to junk status.

The majority of the countries have a stableĀ outlook (55% on average). That said, the number of countries with negative or negative watch far exceeds those with a positive one across all three agencies.

S&P has 10 countries on positive outlook, all emerging market, including Turkey, Chile, andĀ Indonesia.