Jubilee Tweets

We examined all tweeting activities over the Queen’s Jubilee weekend from the 2nd to 5th of July using the #Jubilee. In total, our twitter probe collected 288,000 tweets were recorded.

We enriched the data with sentiment rating to determine whether the tweets are positive, neutral or negative. We compiled the analytics dashboards using Tableau Software’s visualization capabilities and Albatrosa’s own social media probe. Please find below a summary of our analysis. We welcome your comments and insight. We trimmed some of the data to keep the file size down. If you would like the full analysis, email us at sales(at)albatrosa.com.

236k of the tweets (82%) had a positive sentiment vs 51k negative.

Tweets significantly peek around the 3 main events (see figure below), namely Thames Pageant, Concert and the Balcony appearance.

The average sentiment appear to drop during the first two main events (i.e. Thames Pageant and Concert) but has shot up during the balcony appearance. The Red Arrows flyover is still a crowd favourite.

Top Tweeters was @bilbobaggins2k with 199 tweets and average sentiment of 0.24. Out of all the top twenty tweeters, only one was negative Bliss_Chase.

We can safely say that the Queen can definitely draw the online crowd! Choice of the concert may not have been the best but she has finished her weekend celebration with a high sentiment.