What is the world’s favourite holiday destination

The Holiday season is in full swing. This week, we look at the world’s top destinations.UN figures suggest that France had more foreign visitors than any other country in 2012, while the most visited capital city is now, according to the MasterCard study is Bangkok.

France all year attraction from Alpine ski stations to Mediterranean resorts ensure that it has kept its top spot for every year that statistics have been produced. It attracts at least 16 million more visitors than the United States in second place, with China, Spain and Italy completing the top five most visited countries.

Being the top destination does not mean its visitors are spending money. Visitors to Macau, the south-east Asian destination known for its casinos, spend a staggering $3,213 each.Visitors spend on average $1,884 in the US, $1,253 in Germany and $1,249 in the UK.

When it comes to the most-visited capital in the world Bangkok comes out on top. The Thai capital is currently attracting 15.98 million visitors a year, narrowly ahead of London, and Paris far behind in third place (11.75 million).