Worse UK recession since the 1930s

In this blog, we look at the UK Gross domestic product (GDP). We compare GDP now and in the past and how previous

The UK is officially stuck in its second recession in three years after the economy unexpectedly shrank by 0.3% between January and March. A technical recession is defined as two or more consecutive quarters of economic decline.

The data we have gathered from Office for National Statistics covers change in GDP going back to 1948, total GDP and GDP per capita. The number are adjusted for inflation.

The figures show this recession is now worse than the 1930s.

Credit ratings: how Fitch, Moody’s and S&P – Updated

Standard and Poors have downgraded Greece’s sovereign credit ratings to ‘selective default’. Earlier this month UK had the outlook on it’s Aaa Moody’s rating changed to negative in a range of adjustments by the major credit agency including downgrades for Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia and Spain.

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