Tableau 10.5 is out

Smart Meets Fast

Tableau 10.5 makes using your data easier, smarter and faster. It creates a flow experience, helping to remove the distractions that get in the way when youíre trying to better understand your business. From data thatís hard to connect to, to questions that are too difficult to answer, to having to share static images on long email chains, or wait hours to get an analytical result.

Tableau 10.5 brings you:

  • Hyper: Hyper is Tableauís new in-memory data engine technology, designed for fast data ingest and analytical query processing on large or complex data sets.
  • Tableau Bridge: To help enterprises scale, Tableau Online users can now connect live to on-premises databases securely.
  • Tooltip selection: Engage with your data at a deeper level and maximize dashboard real estate with Viz in Tooltip. Hover over a mark to display details-on-demand while staying in context of the original view.
  • Tableau Server on Linux: The same Tableau Server you know and love, now on the operating system of your choice. Integrate and optimize your current processes and workflows to make the most of your internal infrastructure. Install on any of the supported distributions (RHEL 7 , CentOS 7, Oracle Linux, or Ubuntu 16.04 LTS), and choose the authentication method that makes sense for your organisation
  • Other Features: Enterprise enhancements, nested projects, power trend lines, and web authoring improvements.

For additional information on the new features, visit Tableau's web site.

Albatrosa has been implementing successful Tableau projects since 2009. Whether you are considering a new implementation or an upgrade, our team will undertake a health check of your current setup, upgrade your infrastructure to benefit from the new features and deliver training to get you up to speed.

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